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How are we embracing Social Distancing?

Like all sectors of the hospitality industry, we are conscious and aware of the need for social distancing measures to be in place before re-opening. With our selection of beautiful properties and natural surroundings here, we are fully able to provide a safe space that minimises risk of coming into close contact with other people. Although all our properties are on the same site, the entrance to each one is more than 20 feet from each other, allowing you to feel comfortable without the worry of coming into contact with others. For the forseeable future our only indoor social areas which consists of the Games Room/Cinema and the Gym/Sauna will be available via pre-arrangement only, reducing risk of contamination as well as allowing us time to thoroughly clean in-between use. If you have any other concerns regarding social distancing then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email at info@whitehouselodges.co.uk

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