Gym and Sauna

Situated within our reception building are the facilities you need to keep feeling fit and healthy.

Featuring a selection of professional grade equipment we have;

  • Rubber Free-Weights (2kg - 15kg sets)

  • weight bench

  • elliptical trainer

  • exercise bike

All of the equipment in reception is free to use from 7am until 4pm - after which the option to book out for solo use in 1 hour increments is available (the booking of the gym also includes usage of the sauna).

Freeweights, Dumbells, Gym
Sauna, Steam Room, Essential Oil

Alongside these carefully selected pieces of equipment we also have a large Swedish style sauna with attached shower room.
The Sauna is set to a gorgeous temperature of 80c, with recommendations of taking a little break every 15 minutes to maximise the benefits.

We also provide a selection of essential oils for you to use with your steam shocks for a pleasant and fragrant sensation.


Some of the benefits of a Sauna include;

  • Increased blood circulation. 

  • Help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

  • Sweat out and flush toxins from the body

  • Stress relief